Do you know what is one of the most important home appliances?

Ecosmart tankless water heater selection

Do you know what is one of the most important home appliances?

Maybe you don’t know but water heater is a really important appliance that every house has. Well, you probably do know it. As its name says, it is the device that heats water up when you are washing your dirty stuff in the kitchen as well as when you are taking a shower and so on.

The thing is that last weekend ours went wrong. Which is quite a serious problem in the middle of winter. It is below minus 10 degrees outside so, you can imagine how much I am long for a hot shower after getting home from work. It is still not working. Perhaps, it will never work again and we have to buy a new one. That would be pretty said as this current one isn’t a very old model either. We have bought it when we moved in the house 5 years ago. These kinds of devices should last much longer, several decades ideally. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation.

Anyways, as wise men say, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We started looking around in the tankless water heater market online in order to have a rough idea about how much we should spend on a new water heater in case this one cannot be repaired.

We have found this website in google:  

It is said to be managed by some techy guys working in this field as repairmen. They write reviews about various tankless water heater models as well as comparisons and some other useful articles within this topic.

After reading some of their buying guides and reviews we already had an idea about how much it would hurt if we had to buy a new water heater. One of the best rated models from a reputed manufacturer costs around 500 bucks. Luckily, we have enough savings so in case we have to buy it, it won’t be such a big deal.

Anyway, if possible, we would like to avoid having to buy anything so, please you, reading this post cross for fingers for the repairman to be able to repair our current heater.